Frequently Asked Questions

Zip Top frequently asked questions

Are Zip Top containers made from Food Grade Silicone?

What is platinum silicone?

Why is Zip Top better for your health?

Why is Zip Top better for the environment?

Are Zip Top containers recyclable?

Where are Zip Top containers made?

Is Zip Top freezer safe?

Is Zip Top dishwasher safe?

Can I microwave in Zip Top containers?

Will Zip Top stain?

Will Zip Top containers retain odours?

Are Zip Top containers air-tight?

Are Zip Top containers leak-proof?

Can I use Zip Top containers to take soup and other liquids in my lunch box or backpack?

Will sealed Zip Top containers spill if they are knocked over?

Can I sous vide in Zip Top containers?

Why are your prices higher than other containers I see online?

Where do you ship and how much will it cost?

Do you offer Free Shipping?

What is your return policy?

How long will my order take to arrive?

How do I contact Zip Top New Zealand?

What retailers sell Zip Top?

I'm a retailer, can I sell Zip Top in my store?